Friday, February 28, 2014

Thought for the Day - How Do I Handle This Best

This question comes up inevitably. In speeches, lectures, workshops, presentations, responsibilities, performances - any place where you are worried about giving your best, it comes up. How do I do this best? How do I give my best to this?

Pic courtesy. Satish Nargundkar
First stop worrying about impressing everyone there. Start instead, to think how you can add value to that gathering. Think creatively. Think innovatively. How do I 'give' to this occasion? Once the approach changes you realise that you already have what you want to give. You don't need anything else.

Package that with care and concern, love and affection, and present it to the audience. This approach will make you search through all your experiences, all your knowledge, all your creativity and thought, with the single point agenda to give, to enrich, to empower, to serve.

What more can you do beyond that? Not much. You have also moved from a 'taking' perspective of craving for approval, applause etc to one of 'giving' where you are only interested in giving, sharing and enriching. All else is incidental.

Add. Create. Give. Serve. They are all the same. The force multipliers.

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