Monday, February 3, 2014

Sleeper - Movie Review

This is another of Woody Allen's funny ones. Made in 1973 it's about a person from 1973 who is cryogenically frozen and who is awakened 200 years later in some futuristic land led by a crazy dictator.

As always there is an underground movement against the organized and controlled system and it is the rebels who defrost Allen or Miles Munroe to help them. Munroe is not too kicked with the idea but has no other go really because the system is after him 'the alien'. In the process he uncovers the poet Luna (Diane Keaton) who loves her spaced out sessions with her orb and other friends, and her machine induced orgasmic sex. Anyway Luna and Miles infiltrate the hospital and find out that all that's left of the leader is his nose. They destroy the nose and find love. Allen ends the movie with a famous line - All that I am certain about is taxes and sex - or something like that.

I laughed out loud at some of his lines and antics. The part where they try to recreate the body of the dictator using cells from his nose, Allen trying to walk off by putting the nose over his own nose, the shot where he beats the fast growing cake at home into size and many such gags are so laughable. I like his sense of humour. One to keep and watch.

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