Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Telangana Bill Passed - Time To Look At Opportunities

There is something not quite right with the way the Telangana Bill was passed. Obviously the considerations were not complete, deliberations not comprehensive and much left to be addressed before the decision was taken. This is certainly not the way to go about things if one has vision and keeps the good of the people in mind. Ideally, most contentious issues should have been addressed, a clear road map made and then the Bill passed. There can be only one reason why this decision has been made in a hurry and that reason is political gains.

The sad part of the entire issue is that the common man and his/her representatives have been totally ignored. Why the whims of a party high command should carry such force on local matters is something only the Congress can explain. The Congress has come out of this issue much belittled, showing no leadership, no direction, no purpose - just a desire to somehow get it done without much thought.

If the way it has been done is deplorable, the other end is the outcome. Having been passed and the reality of the new state looming ahead, it will certainly augur well for the districts that comprise Telangana for the sheer focus they get out of the formation of a new state. With some clear planning, vision and purposeful work, the Telangana region is sitting pretty on several opportunities which it can capitalize on. The key is good leadership. At present I find a vacuum there and hopefully the times to come will throw up good leaders who can take it forward.

The other part of Andhra Pradesh, the Seemandhra region, will have some heartburn because most people in that state have investments in Hyderabad. The issue of relocation, of having to travel to a 'new' state, of having to rebuild will remain. But then change happens and one must move on with times. A new state throws up many opportunities and for the people of that region, the scope should be much. In the end people will adjust to the new order of things - its not so much that which bothers - as the way the leaders played their cards crudely to suit their ends rather than keep a longer and bigger vision.

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