Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thought for The Day - Enthusiasm, The Key To Enjoying Life

If happiness is the purpose or the outcome, then enthusiasm is the process or the key.
In all we do, if we add enthusiasm (as we add sugar to our tea or coffee or salt to the curry), the enjoyment of the job increases tremendously. All we need to do is tell ourselves, hey, let me have a good time with this, and chances are you'll have a good time with it. Even if you don't like what you are doing and you have to do it for whatever reason, approach it with enthusiasm.

Decide to have a good time and you will.

Why we don't
One reason why we don't approach things with enthusiasm is that we already have preconceived judgments, opinions, resentments, doubts and fears about that task. Just imagine, if we approach our whole life with so much baggage, it can't be much fun can it? It's a doomed life that is drab and dead and unhappy.

How we approach any job is a good measure then of how much baggage we are carrying. Do we approach life with enthusiasm and an open mind? Or do we approach it with suspicion and trepidation? If we are not finding enough enthusiasm for life, then it is time to shed some baggage we have picked up. Drop the fear and doubt, resentment and anger, judgment and opinion. They eat into your enthusiasm and consequently your happiness.

Dive then into life free of baggage and you will find that one can infuse much enthusiasm into it. It throbs with possibilities, with excitement and joy.

Go then, add some enthusiasm into life. Right now. 


Unknown said...

Good one!

Rajendra said...

Yes, I've found it works. Smile, and the world is likely to smile with you. You may have unlocked THE SECRET!

Harimohan said...

Now Raja, the key is to practice it. Easier said than done like they say. Grit the teeth and grin.

And unknown, thanks for dropping by.