Monday, February 17, 2014

Robbery and Money Consciousness

The recent case of two poverty stricken youth who broke into a jewellery shop in Hyderabad and walked off with Rs. 6 crore was an interesting study in human consciousness with regard to money. The two young men used basic tools and made a small hole in a Tanishq showroom, sprayed chilly powder and walked off. Literally.

They did not have money to hire an auto to take them home so they walked a distance of not less than 4-5 kms from Punjagutta to Rasoolpura without being stopped anywhere by anyone. Once there they tried to sell the jewellery with not much luck. In fact the little money that one of the two made was pickpocketed.

Scared at all the media glare on the crime, the duo gave themselves up - jewels and all. Of course they also said that they wanted to showcase crime and corruption and that they did not want to keep the jewels with them.

What interests me is this - their money consciousness was so poor that they could not enjoy even a wee bit of the grand fortune they got their hands on. Maybe in a classic case of crime and punishment they also punished themselves.

How often do we see this? They get the money but they hoard. They cannot enjoy it. They cannot live freely. The true measure of money is freedom but most use it to bind themselves. With a good money consciousness one should be able to attract the money and also enjoy it. Needless to say these are the kinds who will also enjoy the process and will constantly create money one way or another.

It is interesting to see people's reactions when they get money, give money, see rich people, see poor people. What do you feel? Does money frighten you? Bother you? Or does it make you excited? What would you do if you got all the money you wanted now? Think. It's the outcome you need to be bothered about - then the money will come because there is an outlet to it.

Another thing about this particular heist - there is such ingenuity in two uneducated, unemployed kids. Why are we not able to use their potential and channel them better? HRD Minister - think about it.


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