Friday, February 14, 2014

Ban The Book - We Are offended

Yes. We do not like certain things - whether right or wrong is immaterial - but we do not like them. They offend us. The idea offends us. The people offend us. Books offend us. Clothes offend us. Movies offend us. Anything other people do offends us.

We must first kill that idea and the vile thought it brings with it. It is purely offensive to us. So we will file a complaint or we will beat up the author or bash up the publisher or theatre. Books, movies are easy targets. I'd like to see these guys engage in a public discussion with the author and explain why they have been offended and what it has done to them.

We are easily offended.

The police and the courts which normally are too busy with many other things on their minds suddenly find all the time to entertain these offended - by an idea mind you, or even a representation of an idea - when on other occasions they are not too bothered by people who are outraged physically. Anyway the idea is looked at closely, found offensive and removed. The right to feel offended has been upheld and the right to express freely has been sent packing.

That's fine. Since everyone is getting offended, even I have a right to get offended. Some things that offend me are.

1) The antics of elected representatives in the parliament
2) The support that criminals get from the system
3) The collusion between money, crime and politics
4) The culture of the elite where anything goes and can be managed
5) The way goons are used to browbeat, blackmail and squeeze the system dry
6) The way the media bends over to please certain powerful persons and does not report them
7) The way everything is subverted into trivial topics and all important and creative work is untouched
8) The way the common man is taken for granted, kicked around and taxed
9) The way public wealth is being looted by the collusion of business, politicians and beaurocrats
10) The way powerful people get away scot-free (or think they can) be it with respect to harassing women, beating or intimidating people, corruption
11) The common man for his greed and self-preservation that makes him such an easy target for anyone who dangles a carrot
12) The way the dynasties are perpetuated and inflicted on the public, be it business, movies, or politics, however stupid and idiotic the heirs may be
13) The fact that many who should be in jail are now roaming the streets and governing the country

That's the short list. Long list to follow soon as I get rid of my offensive rage.


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