Friday, February 7, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street - Movie Review

Based on the autobiographical book by Jordan Belfort, 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is the real life story of a high flying stock broker who made millions selling penny stocks and swindling investors. His life of drugs, sex, money is shown explicitly in the movie which also has some fine acting by Leonardo Di Caprio. But over the period of the movie its pretty revolting to see how Belfort changes as a man. (That's how the movie goes - don't blame me.)

The drug scenes were crazy so were the sex scenes. Addiction to money is another thing and when that is around, one feels that anything is possible. The adrenaline rush, the high, is beautifully shown and how it all spins out of control is shown as well. I am tired already - I f,,ing give up.

Di Caprio is wonderful in an intense role and its amazing to see how he changes in the drug scenes and in the normal ones. I am revolted but I wonder what a twenty year old might take away from it all. In the end Belfort snitches on his colleagues and gets away with a three year sentence when he was actually facing twenty. And then he becomes a motivational speaker, author and two major Hollywood movies made on him. He has had a yatch, millions, the best women. Three years is not too bad they may think. The movie is also in the record book for using the f...word maximum times - 569 times. So any faint hearted chaps, stay home.

But the one scene that impressed me was the one when he starts to tell his employees that he will quit the firm and make an offer to the SEC. During the course of that speech he talks of how one of his colleagues joined him when she was broke, a single mom and behind on rent. She wanted five thousand dollars in advance and he gives her twenty five thousand dollars. 'You know why,'  says Jordan. 'Because I believed in you. Just like I believed in every single one of you here.' Of course Jordan refuses to quit by the end of his speech. But what a way to get loyalty - to believe in them and their goodness.

Which is why it does become rather paradoxical to see that he sells them all off for a smaller sentence. Maybe it was just talk!

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Rajendra said...

569 times in 120 odd minutes..the dialogue writer was on a holiday?