Sunday, February 23, 2014

Babe - Movie Review

I watched it many moons ago thanks to Ajanta Sircar, our good friend. The good thing about the movie is that all the visuals and the feel stayed with me over a decade surely and needless to say, I enjoyed it thoroughly this time around too. I watched it with Anjali and Shobhs and well, there were no complaints from that side either.

Babe is a little pig who gets picked by farmer Hoggett in a fair. The innocent little pig is the only pig on the farm and is lucky to find the shelter under the kind hearted sheep dog Fly who takes care of her until 'she finds her feet'. The male sheep dog, bad tempered Rex, just about tolerates the little pig. Anyway after some interesting episodes with the ambitious duck Ferdinand, the cat and many other animals on the farm, Babe slowly but surely earns the trust of the farmer and other animals. So much so that when Rex and Fly fight one another and get injured, the farmer actually identifies Babe's potential to be a good sheep dog/pig. Now he wants to enter Babe in the sheep dog contest. Will Babe embarrass farmer Hoggett or win him glory? Ah, cute and hell, fine movie. Watch it with kids.

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