Sunday, February 16, 2014

Girivan - Fine Resort Near Pune

On December 28, 2013, a whole load of Shobha's cousins, nieces, nephews and such were bound to meet at a resort called Girivan, some 50 kms off Pune. You take the Paud road and head past the Lavasa phata and somewhere near Paud take a right and you'll eventually land up at the resort. The last part is a bit of a climb because you want to climb half way up the hill for the resort.
The bungalow where we stayed
The resort has several bungalows out for rent and we rented one close to the main area - the food area. In the bungalow you have an option to cook etc but who wants to cook these days? So we'd pile on in designated timings and eat the simple vegetarian fare for lunch and the neat non-vegetarian fare at dinner.
Prarthana walking to the rain dance place
With so many people around there is never a shortage of things to do. But the special attractions were a place where there was a rain dance, the trek, areas to play cricket, shuttle and many other games, plenty of walks up and down the hillside and so much more.
Anjali and I taking a short walk
It's well organized and well worth a visit if you're in Pune. Milind had been there with colleagues form his company and that's how this place came into the list. They have a website, Girivan, with Vikram Gokhale promoting it as a vastu friendly place which was not really a consideration for us for our short trip.
Another perspective of our lovely bungalow
Apparently they have the day tours, and regular stays. Some plots are being sold as well. Girivan will always be special for me because here was where I rediscovered that I could bowl - its been two years since I bowled or even turned my arm over. I also liked the drive to the place, the feeling of being settled in nature and the peace and quiet. 

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