Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Third Day In A Row - Liking It Even More

And for the third day in three days I have managed to see 'Golconda High School' with another bunch of friends. Vidyuth, Timothy, Kumar, Shobha, Anu, Anita, VK and I watched the movie. And guess what - it gets better and better each time. Mohana Krishna, if you are seeing this, I think it is your gift, that you make the movie get better and better as we watch it. And this is where this scores over Lagaan for me - I can watch the next show again. It is intense, but not as sappingly intense as Lagaan which drains me for days and weeks. Well done Mohan.

Now, to find out who will accompany me today. An honest confession. Loving watching this movie immensely.


Anonymous said...


Today, I am going to watch this movie with Sheila and kids.


Harimohan said...

Great KD! Catch you after you get back.