Monday, January 3, 2011

Music of Golconda High School - Great Stuff

I just got to hear the entire audio CD of the Golconda High School music. It's fantastic. Great effort by Kalyani Malik and his team and all the singers. Hemachandra sang 'Jaago re' wonderfully well and he infused a lot of energy into this inspiring and energetic song. Makes you want to get up and do something. The ballad 'Idi adhe nemo' sung by Sri Krishna and Gita Madhuri is very soothing and romantic and very evocative.Must watch it pictured on Sumanth and Swathi to really feel the song. Very mellow and romantic, with a naughty tint to it. 'Ye nativo' lingers in your mind for long and puts you in a sombre, reflective mood. It has this quality that will definitely take you to the lonely corridors of the school, the kind of a feel you get when you visit your school after many years when it is on vacation or something, and is sung beautifully by Hemachandra. But to me the song I cannot get out of my head today is 'Adugesthey..' sung by both Hemchandra and newcomer Anuradha Palakurthi. Anuradha's version blows your mind and I just cannot lose the song, the twist and turn. Even the 'GHS Yuddhabheri' is composed wonderfully, evokes the feel of rolling drums before war.
Cover of the 'Golconda High School' Audio CD

Superb stuff Kalyani Malik. And you are a wonderful human being as well which makes success adorn you ever so nicely. I am glad for you and know this music will take you to the next level undoubtedly. Hemachandra was a singer I appreciated from his Indian Idol days and what's nice is that he is from All Saints too, just as Ram and I are. And Vidyuth, Noel, Venkatapathy, Azhar, Ehtesham, Suresh, Masood and so many more of our friends.

A special word. Listen to the lyrics. They are superbly done by Sirivennela Seetharamasastri (Jaagore, Idi adhe nemo, Adugesthey) and Mohana Krishna's father, the highly accomplished and well known, Indraganti Srikanth Sarma (Ye nativo). Well done everyone! Brilliant show.

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