Saturday, January 22, 2011

Golconda High School Enters Its Second Week

After holding its own in the Sankranthi frenzy with a slew of big movies, GHS has moved on steadily to the second week. The collections are good and steady, the 'talk' is good and all who have watched it have liked it immensely. Theatres have increased which is a good sign (Goo GHS) and most importantly for me, the movie has come to play in Satyam theatre in Ameerpet which is a theatre that we have watched many movies ever since the time that we were children. Satyam now has grown into a huge theatre that is known to play only successful films.

We peeked in at the morning show, Mohan, Sagar and I, and found the crowd enjoying the cricket match. I got drawn into the match again, enjoyed the last thirty minutes, watched the crowd trying to predict the final over and fall flat each time, heard the roars and whistles at the dialogues and saw the early risers hang on and watch the movie until the titles rolled on screen from the doors. Highly satisfying.


Rajendra said...

Congrats to everyone. These days, making it to Week 2 in itself is a compliment of sorts..

Harimohan said...

Thanks Raja. I think we entered week 2 in style. Weekend looks promising. Will convey wishes to the team.