Friday, January 7, 2011

An Aspiring Writer - A Self-Help Book for Engineering Students

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune of meeting Taufeeq, a young twenty something writer who wrote down a lovely little book that integrates his personal experience, love and how to prepare for campus placements and interviews. Intriguing isn't it but the lad wrote it so well that despite the formulae, the sample questions and all that, the book is hard to put down. Written in an easy, engaging style, it contains a  wealth of wisdom for the engineering graduate on how to prepare for his campus placements, and interviews and addresses exactly the same problems everyone faces.

Taufeeq has tremendous clarity and this reflects in the book. He writes well, convincingly, engagingly and pulls off what I would have thought very difficult proposition - a self help book for engineering graduates across India with a smattering of love and life on campus. And it is all so convincing and not like any of the grandiose literary takes by several other authors. This lad from a little village in Kurnool district and Mahbubnagar will go far in my opinion in whatever he does. The book is a must read for almost every single engineering student. I do hope the lad gets the right kind of a publisher or a distribution system to reach his market which will surely lap it up.

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