Monday, January 31, 2011


NDTV did a small feature on Golconda High School yesterday. You can watch the same through this link.

Also yesterday was another day out at Prasad's with a bunch of old buddies from college - Madhav and Mama who just came yesterday morning from the USA, Koni, Kiri, me and Vidyanath. In all these days it was the most chilled out viewing for me and I enjoyed it once again, without missing a moment. It was another full house at Prasad's though it was a small screen but what was most satisfying was that everyone waited until the last picture was shown. Also a huge percentage of the crowd was families, young families, complete families - grandparents to grandchildren included - something that I am noticing in almost all theatres. My old friend Bhakar Ramamurthy, the captain of the Andhra Ranji team of yesteryear, in fact the captain of the Andhra  team against which I made my Ranji debut in 1985, was there with his family. Well done Mohan Krishna Indraganti - in these days to get people to come with their families from age eight to eighty and to keep them glued till the last frame.


Anonymous said...

Saw the movie. As you know (well you don't cause you don't know who I'am, but if you did you'll know) I hate telugu movies. I think they are very poorly made. No professionalism. And I refused to support the crap they put out by buying a ticket.

Well this movie changed that. GHS is by far, no the ONLY professional telugu movie ever made. The acting the direction the script everything was just picture perfect. Well except the romance angle. Romance had no place in the movie. But the other aspects more than make up to that. I enjoyed the movie throughly.
This movie should re-write the way telugu movies are made. I hope the next movie Artbeat makes goes further. How about a movie with no Romance angle.

Come on if you have a good story you don't need a the guy and a gal running around trees singing. And why should ALL the movies only have a single guy and gal as the lead. We married guys can be heros too you know.

I'll probably see it again.

Dr. Seven said...

Saw the video. Great! I also noticed that on most online reviews of the movie, the critics rated it average, but the people's comments on all the articles said the movie was great.

Harimohan said...

Hi Anon,
Glad you think its a professionally made movie. The romance angle was there in the book as well but a lot more subdued. High praise from you reg the movie. Let's watch it again at Gokul. Yes, Artbeat certainly showed guts in pulling this off.

Harimohan said...

Hey Satish, Did you see the movie on the pay per view link? GHS has been released on the internet. Will put up the link on my blog as well.