Friday, January 21, 2011

Me and the GHS Team - A Treasured Picture

Me and the Golconda High School Champions

This is one of the few pics I have with the GHS team, taken on one of the last days of the shoot - maybe the last. The one who is missing is Pradeep who plays the role of Shameem, who has a penchant for going missing at the right moment.

In the picture are (sitting) Bharat (Kaleem), Suraj (Vikas), Vasudev (Ramesh) and (standing) Sriraj (Nissar), Srinivas Sai (Siddhanth), me, Lalith (Rajinder), Nikhil (Karthik), Sudhir (Sanjay), Santosh (Gautham), Bobee (Ashish), Farooq (Mikey) and Sangeet (Varun).

Champions all. Mark my words. There is no doubt about it after I saw their performances. Goooo GHS!

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Sai srija said...

Srinu luking very gud