Monday, January 3, 2011

Golconda High School - Audio Launch

And finally Golconda High School is all set to hit the theatres on January 12, 2011. The movie release was announced at a Press Conference on December 31, 2010. Today, on January 2, 2011, the media team played a game of indoor cricket with the Golconda High School team at the ML Jaisimha Cricket Academy as a precursor to the launch.

The match was played in a highly competitive spirit. GHS was led by Gautam and had the film's hero Sumanth, Director Indraganti Mohana Krishna, DoP Senthil Kumar, Music Director Kalyani Maulik along with Mikey, Rajinder and Nissar. Media batted first and made 31 and the GHS team chased down the score without too many hiccups. There was much cheering at the victory of course, a hard fought one. I watched the match with Venkatapathy Raju, my old friend, who came down from his golf tournament and spent the evening with us.

Post match everyone geared up for the audio launch. And soon the Chief Guest Dr. Akkineni Nageshwara Rao garu arrived with a host of big names who lent support to the film starting with Actor Venkatesh, Nag Chaitanya, Sushant, Nani and others. The songs were played, trailers shown and the general mood was quite upbeat soon. Mohana Krishna wielded the mike and compered the show, I spoke about the book and why I wrote it, Senthil, Kalyani, one of the young cricketer's grandfather, all the guests and actors, spoke warmly of their experiences and expectations from the movie. The press was in good attendance and all in all it was a fine event.

There are four songs - one inspirational song that stands out 'Jaagore', a ballad, one song in a reflective mood and another which is rather naughty and romantic. You can click the following link to listen in to the Jaagore song which is played in the background of a few promotional stills:

More later!

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