Sunday, January 23, 2011

Golconda High School - Prasad's With Friends

I lost count now since the12th premiere at Vizag - 13th premiere at Vijayawada, 15th at Prasad's with family, 16th at Prasad's with cricketers and coaches, 17th with friends at Prasad's (Vidyuth and co), 18th with family at PVR, 19th was a break, 20th with the MBA gang (Shravan, Babs, Ramesh and co), 21st was a break and 22nd with friends again (Vasu, Kiran and co).  Today I watched it again at Prasad's with Vasu, Geeta, Kiran, Anita, Shobha and kids and loved ti again. It was a sight to see the full house watch the movie till the very end, until the rolling credits started without moving. And today, once again I heard people clapping at Prasad's which was highly satisfying. Good show guys.

I met one person who was with his family and he was highly appreciative, nay effusive in his praise for the movie, its message, it narration and content. He pointed out that it had been a long long time since he saw audiences glued to their seats until the very end.

But the claps I heard, genuine and heartfelt, few enough, maybe ten or fifteen people, are loud and musical to me. Good work Mohan and team. It has been years, can't recollect when, that people clapped at the end of a movie. In appreciation. Even once.

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