Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golconda High School - A Must Watch

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It is always been a obvious fact that sensible and intelligent cinema is almost rare in Tollywood. With producers, directors churning tons of no-brainers, over-hyped action crappers where heroes are shown as super humans and routine love stories. I have been disappointed to watch such crap for a long time. But things changed a bit in the recent years, for some young directors, passionate actors started trying to do something different out of the formulaic sense.

Movies like ‘Gamyam’, ‘ Aa Naluguru’, ‘Vedam’ are some of the few. These movies won laurels both from masses and critics too. Last week I happened to watch one such good movie the new release of 2011 ‘Golconda High School’ – a cricket-centric movie based on a best seller ‘The Men Within’.
After watching the movie, I felt that I have watched a very simple yet very powerful movie. As a matter of fact, I have read the book couple of months before and I liked it. The narration, the potrayal of characters everything, the profound message the book carries. I have had always a doubt whether the movie can carry the same message.

My assumptions/doubts got shattered for a very good reason, as I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. A movie made at a very optimal budget, not-so-big stars on the list, yet the director carried the show so flawlessly that this movie turned a movie for everyone.
The movie in a nutshell is about a school cricket team who hasn’t won a single tournament in ages, how they come back with greatest team spirit, focusing on their strengths with the greatest mentoring from their cricket coach and win their moments of life and save their school play ground from getting converting into a coaching center.
Pretty inspring!!

The hero of the movie, the coach, Sumanth ( who is currently going through a bad career phase) can mark his character in this movie as the best till date. All of the other actors in the movie, including the child actors perfectly contributed to the movie and yeah team work reflected very well.
I strongly recommend all of the cricket lovers, who love to watch an engaging and nail baiting match moments ( there are plenty in this movie) and especially to all the movie lovers who are getting disappointed with watching bad, worse and worst movies in the recent times. This movie is surely like a relief. :)
All in all, a very refreshing movie with a profound message in it. Must watch.
Also, Please try to read that book (The Men Within) if you love books too..

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