Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love, My Friend, Is Not Easy - Book Launch

I attended the book launch of 'Love, My Friend, In Not Easy' (150 pages, Rs. 145) written by my friend Geeta Vasu last evening. It was a well attended, well covered event at Landmark, Banjara Hills. The Chief Guest was the well knwon film director Shekhar Kammula and the guest speaker was the well known author Krishna Sagar (author of Summit Your Everest). A biggish crowd of about sixty to seventy people, press, friends, family landed up and the event kicked off on time. Krishna Sagar mentioned that writing the book was itself an achievement and wished it well and hoped that it might be made into a movie, while Shekhar, the person who actually makes wonderful movies, said that he though he does not read many novels, he liked the structure, the characters and that it certainly had all the ingredients to make a movie from.

I had read the book in manuscript form when the multi faceted and highly talented Geeta (architect, painter, dancer, poet, corporate honcho to name a few)had asked me to take a look at it and found it interesting. Geeta's biggest strength is her fresh, youthful voice - she sounds like a teenager on paper and she sustains a rare energy. Of course she draws a fine plot, has clear and well etched characters and the story moves around the three central characters Aditi, Rohan and Dhruva in ways that are certainly different  from your normal romantic plots. I did like the end especially which is an unusual end. It is a good, mature and intelligent read and a wonderful debut novel. I do wish Geeta many more novels and creative forays. I am also glad that Indialog Publications, one of the few publishers in India who encourages new talent chose to publish Geeta, without any hesitation after they went through the proposal.

The book is available at Landmark Bookstore certainly for now or you can pick it up online at the Indialog site

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