Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Day First Show - Golconda High School at Prasad's

And so the first day first show at Prasad's joined by about 40 of my family and friends and so many others including Srini Avasarala, Sagar, Swati went off nicely. The audience enjoyed the movie and were genuine in their appreciation of the movie's content and honesty. Three cheers to Mohan and the team for that. I heard claps at the end of the movie which is a huge thing in itself.

But listen to me when I say this - this is not a movie that you can comment on or review instantly. I think this is a movie that needs some time to settle down inside you, find its place, and only then can anyone make their best judgment on it. It will grow on you. It will remain with you and asks questions of you.

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