Thursday, January 20, 2011

Golconda High School - Another Show Today

Watched GHS with my MBA friends Shravan, Ramesh, Bharadwaj and Srinivas Babu at Prasad's again today. Joined by Raghavaiah, Padma and Srinivas. And Farooq and Sriraj for company. It was great fun as usual as we all caught up after a long while and enjoyed the movie.

But this morning I went to Chandrakala, Kukatpally for a screening for Don Bosco school students and man, what a riot. the kids blew the roof down. That is the way to watch this movie, not in staid old multiplexes with people who are too scared to even applaud, forget whistling. The kids yelled, roared, screamed, whistled and drove up the energy of the movie so many notches that it was a totally different experience. Tomorrow onwards I am going to the single screen theatres to watch the movie.

Oh, Sumanth got mobbed by the school kids and had to be herded to the safety of his car. And I actually saw one girl walk up to Siddhanth (who later confessed that he gave 50 autographs) and take an autograph on her wrist. They almost tore him apart after the movie. 'Super movie sir', 'Never got bored sir', 'Every bit was nice sir,' 'Really nice sir', 'Completely enjoyed sir' and 'Guarantee 150 days sir' were the comments from the children. Good for you kids. This is for people like you who wear their heart on their sleeve, who can express easily, who have big dreams in their eyes.

Gooo GHS!

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