Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Golconda High School - People Who Made It Possible From Behind The Scenes

Some of the people I remember who made the making of Golconda High School memorable are mentioned here. I have interacted with most, and have tried to capture as many as I could. I must begin with the production boys - Sreenu or Attapur as they call him - who served us tirelessly through the blazing 45 degree summer, keeping us hydrated, giving us food at appropriate times. Amazing work by them as they never missed a single cue.
Senthil and his camera team

The camera crew of Senthil's whose names I cannot remember save for Ravi, Ram Reddy, Vali, Shiva and others, a silent and efficient crew how epitomised efficiency and professionalism. The directorial team of assistant directors, talented bunch all of them, ASN, Venkat, Hari, Ramesh, Mallik, Avinash and there were others I cannot remember now. Thankfully Ramesh, who is an excellent cricketer himself and an engineer to boot, could handle much of the cricket stuff as things heated up.
A D, Ramesh, Stills Photographer and A D, Mallik

The set guys, I forget their names, working tirelessly again to provide the right material as cricket was shot. I remember meeting an interesting set boy, the junior most I think, an uneducated boy who was the son of daily workers, who told me that he wrote lyrics. He reeled off at least four or five songs to which he had written the lyrics to and composed them as well. He had written 300 songs by then, had written some stories as well and told me he could write for both mass and class movies and gave me examples. All this in ten minutes. I hope he gets that break he was looking for, and that he makes it big someday, sooner than later. The junior artistes and their coordinators, Subhani, I think was one. It was crazy handling that bunch of kids who drove everyone up the wall.
Co Director Suresh

Veera, Choudhury and Sreenu babu and their team who treated the whole show as if it were their own. Ramesh who started off the movie as the Executive Director and Prasad who stepped in and handled it until the end. The co director Suresh, an experienced hand who they say, has a legendary memory of scenes and shots and stuff like that. With his booming voice, imposing presence and an endless number of anecdotes, he made a huge difference to the completion of the movie.
Sagar braving the sun despite fever

And one cannot forget the contribution of one person who was there everyday of the shoot, almost every moment which few can claim to have. Sagar Rachakonda, the sensitive, fun and deeply loyal friend of director Mohana Krishna Indraganti, who was there everyday - doing things, adding value, always being there at the centre of the action. From being Mohan's sounding board to keeping his script, counselling the kids, giving value added suggestions, even rushing off to control the crowd sometimes, Sagar was like the bond that held the team together. He was an instant favourite with anyone who came into contact with him, getting along as easily with the production boys as he did with Baig saab or the stars, Sagar used his phenomenal people skills to keep the general atmosphere calm and fun. Someone who has an eclectic taste in music and movies, a good understanding of cricket being a good cricketer himself, a helping nature, an outrageous sense of humour (listening to him and Mohan take off on movies, people or stuff is hilarious), Sagar, thankfully played the umpire's role in the movie thus making him an integral part of it. A designer of exquisite artistic taste, Sagar created the new cover of 'If You Love Someone..' my second novel, which should hopefully come out with its second edition soon. He has a huge collection of 'muggus' with which he has made greeting cards and they are fantastic. A fun guy who is too good not to get his due soon.

And so many more I am sure. Let me think and add up some more as I go along.

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