Thursday, January 27, 2011

Golconda High School - 18 times!!

I think the most I have viewed a movie is Golconda High Scool till date. Going out with different sets of friends and well wishers has been a great excuse for me to watch this fantastic movie. I must have seen it about 12 times now including the two premieres and tell you what, it is getting better. I winced, I laughed, I sang with the singers, I held my breath and I shook my head as I did before. Three year old Anjali watched it for the fourth time yesterday and cheered it on happily. Before GHS I must have watched Geetanjali the most in a theatre (7-8 times), Don (4-5 times) the most.

Among the reactions I have got yesterday were two strong and straight from the heart ones from my friends. While Sridhar confessed that the movie made him weep at times, Shailender said that it impacted him deeply and that he identified strongly with the uncertainties that one faces in life. I am taking the sting off by reporting it blandly but there was genuine emotion in my friends' voice. Also the expression on Aarushi's and Anshuman's face said it all. They loved it.

Another one I heard over phone yesterday that made my day was when my friend my OU Engineering college said that his 8 or 10 year old nephew has watched the film 18 times! He had to be stopped from viewing it by his mother! That to me was among the sweetest news I heard about the movie. To give that kind of a reference to someone, more so a youngster - to dream big, to work hard, to plan, to live with belief, with conviction, with values - is awesome because it can change the way the world is when they grow up. And so many more youngsters who have said 'awesome uncle, it touched my heart' with stars in their eyes. They can seriously change the world and I believe it wholeheartedly. This is a responsibility we have and if we have done it well, we can pat ourselves on our back. As for the commerce, I am fully confident that the audiences will also display their faith in the movie by watching it in theatres.

I have some more comments that I received that I will share but enough to say that all of them justify the effort that went into the making of this movie. I will share them later though.

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