Saturday, October 9, 2021

Rumi's Little Book of Wisdom - Maryam Mafi

 There are many books on Rumi and I picked this one for Anjali on her birthday. It looked easy on the eye and seemed to present Rumi in an easy manner. Maryam Mafi was born in Iran and translates Persian literature into English.

Some thoughts I liked: 

Dare to love he says. What lies in your heart is more important than the words. Don't lose hope in the truth. Go big he says - don't come back with a jugful from the ocean.

Why would I need to speak aloud with someone with whom I don't need words to communicate.

When answers are without words, the leading questions must also be wordless.

When God chooses to be generous, an insignificant coin will prove as valuable as a thousand pieces of gold. But should He decide to withdraw His goodwill, all those gold coins will prove worthless.    

Wherever you are, you are right where you need to be.

People always fall in love with what they can't have. They readily give up freedom in order to own whatt they truly cannot understand, and they never fully appreciate what they've rightfully owned from the beginning.

If you truly want to know people, get them to converse with you. Its only from their words that you can learn who they really are.

For God, nothing is strange.

A true friend sacrifices himself for a friend and doesn't hesitate to throw himself into utter turmoil for his friend's sake.

All suffering arises from desiring something that's impossible to have. When you want noting, then there's no unnecessary suffering.

How valuable are the words of a speaker who cannot hold his audience's attention?

The wise and the mindful understand everything from just a few words, from hearing one phrase they know the entire book.

A mirror has no image of its own. So when you see a reflection, it's that of the 'other'.

Pain can serve as a guide while we strive t achieve our endeavours. Unless we initially experience the pain of love and longing, we will not move to achieve our goals.

Our thoughts are safe in our mind as long as they are not exposed. They can't be traced or stigmatised and no other person can rule over them.

When you feel guilty, its natural for your heart to shrivel and eventually close up. The innocent have no fear that their hearts will ever desiccate however, for they have their prayers as guarantee.

When the heart speaks, who needs language. 

I enjoyed reading this cute little book with 240 odd thoughts.

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