Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Thought for the Day - When You Understand Yourself You Don't Need Others to Understand You

 It often happens - we feel misunderstood by others. It causes a lot of issues in relationships. It happens when we don't understand ourselves and our actions clearly.

Most times we have an idea in our mind, several possibilities and options open to us, and say or do something in this hazy manner. Good intentions but no clarity in our own thoughts. Others do not understand us because our thoughts and actions seem different. We know the answer but they don't. And we get upset that they do not understand our intentions.

It may be so that the other person may not fully understand your intentions and motives - noble as they are. But one need not get upset that the other person is not understanding your intentions. It's enough that you understand and avoid the drama of wanting them to understand you.

When caught in that loop ask yourself - do I understand myself? If you do, good. That's enough. All further clear and loving action will flow from that.   

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