Saturday, October 23, 2021

Anjali - How to Communicate and Be 'Honest' With One Another


There was a small disagreement between Shobhs and me regarding the painting job at home - they typically start small and go all over the place. Anjali hates these situations. First she tried to tell me when I was reading a book at night.

'You know,' she said. 'Maybe you could change your tone when you speak Nanna. Instead of saying 'what is it that you want?' or 'how do you want this?' maybe you should use words like 'how shall we go about it then? I think it will help. Mamma feels like you are isolating her or that you don't agree with her and are saying 'so do what you want.'

Brilliant Anjali. I teach this in our leadership class. Maybe we had a chat about something like this sometime or maybe she figured it out all on her own but the way she said it made perfect sense. But I was still stuck with my ego so I grunted and thanked her and let it sink in.

'Ok, I think enough from me then,' she said signing off.


The next day she caught us in another such situation when we were not agreeing on the colour or something and there was some tension.

'Maybe it will help if you two were more honest with each other,' she suggested and left.

Makes immense sense.

Good stuff A.     


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