Saturday, October 30, 2021

House Painting!

 For the first time perhaps, I went ahead and got the house painted. It was rather significant because I feel its the first time I am also acknowledging that this is my house - something which I never did all these years. The shifts happen subtly and I don't know what led me to take this drastic action and this feeling o ownership but it did.

Painted House

For starters I called Rajesh Chetty my good friend from school who has this company called Om Sai Andhra Paints and being the paint man, I asked him tentatively what it would cost etc. He was cool as ever and told me he would send a painter over and that he would take a look at give me an estimate. One thing led to another and Balraj (a huge Junior NTR fan and a wannabe extra in films) came and estimated the cost. He said it would take four or five days and I would need this much paint and other stuff and he would charge me so much for labour. Rajesh paid a visit too which was very nice of him, and revised the costs etc and said he would supply the paints from his factory and the job was done. 

Balraj and his bunch came and began work - on days he would even start work at 630 am, and would work on till 930 pm. Very steady and professional, breaking only for lunch and dinner, clearing up after their work, they did a patient and professional job. When they finally left I was actually feeling sad to see them go.

Now the house looks good. We got some part of the outside wall painted as well, the gate. I remembered Dr Patnaik telling me to paint the house when he was around, and I wished he was there to see. I am sure he must be happy knowing I finally did. I am sure Mom and Dad must be too - knowing that I finally owned the house.

Good on you 35, Sundar Nagar! Thanks for giving us shelter and a secure, loving space all our life!       

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