Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Thought for the Day - When You Fully Own Your Space, You Have Self Love

 This was an interesting thought - when we fully own our space, our thoughts and actions, it is self-love at its best. No other person or perspective can upset us anymore when we own our thoughts and actions.

All that matters is - what do I think and what do I want from this - and every thing falls into perspective. I want something from someone - as simple as going out there and asking instead of getting into a drama about - what will they think, what if they treat us badly, they didn't treat me well last time etc It just becomes a simple case of 'I want this' and I will ask this person. No grudge, no ill feeling. Simple action.

Own your space and things become crystal clear. It brings in self-love and cuts out drama and the control others wield over us.  

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