Friday, October 15, 2021

The Hampi Diaries - Day 3

 Day 3

This was a day about breakfast and then wait for Anjali to get a break from school so we could head out to Clark's Inn at Kamalapur which is the right place to stay when you want to visit Hampi. It's so close to the action! 

The famous stone chariot

Anyway it took us an hour to get to Clark's Inn and we checked in and had some lunch and our guide Virupaksha, a young, handsome, adventurous lad (his dp is of him riding the white waters in a raft). He had a Thunderbird bike and a love for photography, a plan to ride to Manali on his bike and also a love for biryani.
The Lakshmi temple (I think)

On top of all that he is very pleasant, speaks well and has an easy demeanour and a nice smile.

Another one with the stone chariot

Me at the Lotus Mahal

After our lunch we headed off with Virupaksha in the car and went to the Vijaya Vittala temple, down to the river (had some sugarcane juice there), back to the Queen's Palace, Elephant's stables, Lotus Mahal, the Hazararama temple, the Ganpathi temple, Ugranarasimha, the Hemkunta Hills and finally the Virupaksha temple. Overall a good overview for Anjali who enjoyed most of it until it got too hot and she wanted to head back.

At the elephant's stables

Watching the sunset

Virupaksha temple

Back at Clark's Inn we ate some fine dinner and relaxed.    

It was a fun experience and the only thing I missed out was having a meal at Mango Tree restaurant. Next time! Meanwhile, for those who wish to hire Virupaksha as a guide (he also does bicycle tours), here's his number Mob 94492 51251. He also has an Insta account planet_hampi so you can check his photography out there. 

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