Thursday, October 7, 2021

Anjali - A True Feminist

 A small discussion triggered by the money discussion we were having and I told Anjali that I have told many of my females students to invest 10% of their earnings and grow their reserve. I also told her that many of them feel that they cannot take away what they earned and believe they have to give all their money to their husband or father or the male of the house.


Anjali is quite vocal on women's rights and patriarchy so she was rightfully upset. 'How can they not even take 10% of their earnings?' she asked. These are all signs of how deeply patriarchy is practiced. 

I thought she would look at them like victims and sympathise with them. But she surprised me with her views.

'They are to blame,' she said. 'Who asked them to bend over backwards? If they do, people will take advantage. Until they assert themselves they will be taken advantage of. They had better explain, convince others about what they want to do else they will be stuck like that forever.'

Now, that is what I call progressive. Assert yourself and make a start. Things change when you change yourself. Not by wanting others to change.

Good one Anjali. 

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