Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Hampi Diaries - Day 2

 Day 2

Day 2 began rather quietly for me. After a full breakfast at the Hyatt Anjali went back to the room to attend school. Shobhs and I walked to the Panchvati temple close by - something I never visited last trip. It is a beautiful marble structure and has a serene ambiance. We then walked about and went to the market place, had some chai and went back to the room. Lunch was at the Hyatt, and then we waited for Anjali' s online school to get over before we explored the township.

At Kaladham

The first stop was Kaladham and Anjali loved it - so did Shobhs - but Anjali was mesmerised. 'It's so beautiful. You stayed her for ten days!' 

Anjali enjoying the feel of the place

I showed them where we all worked and stuff we did at Kaladham before one of the security women came and told me to park elsewhere. 

Shobhs at the lake

We left and drove around and found the park and the lake inside it. Once again we had a security guy run in and tell me to park elsewhere. But we spent quite some time at the lake. 

The ducks and Anjali

Anjali played with some ducks.

Dosa Point at  night

Back to the market, some chai and snacks and we went to the room to watch the IPL game. Tomorrow we should be heading to Hampi!    

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