Thursday, July 8, 2021

Anjali - Sona's Recovering Well

 She still drags her injured foot which is heartbreaking to see because she was such a feisty one but she has got some spirit back. She moves around, even plays some mischief.

Anjali takes her medications seriously and puts her drops, medicines with the ease of an expert. She made me drive her to the pet pharmacy to get some new medicine because Sona is anaemic. We got the medicine and Anjali administered it.

A few more days and she should be good to go for repairs on her foot and hopefully she will make a full recovery considering she is so small.

Also, efforts are on to have them adopted by someone. Someone with a farm would be ideal I guess. I can see two names popping up before me and both shall be asked tomorrow!

Meanwhile Akela and Zor continue to live in the frontyard and Zor makes piteous noises in an attempt to come inside. Once inside she fights with Sona so she is banished immediately.


Akela did something amazing today. I have heard of dogs and their affection for their masters but I saw it today and it warmed the cockles of my heart (whatever they are). Anjali got into the car as we were to go to her school to submit her homework and also to buy medicine for Sona. Akela came racing out behind Anjali. And when I started the car she started circling it and barking. She would not let her mistress go (Like i was taking her away).

And then she followed us to the Main Road, and we got worried because she kept coming. And suddenly we lost sight of her and Anjali got off to check on her. She found Akela going back to the colony after coming out this far to follow her mistress. It was such a lovely sight to see her trying to protect her, or be with her.

I noticed that the other day, when Anjali and I walked to the store nearby and Akela came with us all the way and returned with us. Anjali has her protection now!   


Anjali Paruvu said...

Thank you for these blogs, Nana! Nice to have it all written down as these are amazing stories! I should write too, but while I overcome procrastination (sometime soon :P) this is lovely

Anjali Paruvu said...

Thank you for these blogs, Nana! These are lovely stories to have written down. While I overcome procrastination (Not now, soon) , these have been fun !

Harimohan said...

Thanks Anjali. Glad you liked them! And I love the way you are handling them. Wonderful.