Monday, April 19, 2021

The Story of Three ATMs

 For some reason my bank, Andhra Bank never believed in the ATM philosophy. Most of their ATMs were very reluctant to dispense cash. Some ATMs would convey their reluctance from a distance - they were dirty and I always felt unwelcome. The ATM machine would be dusty and even in pre-COVID times you needed sanitisers and gloves and perhaps some amount of vacuum cleaning before we got to the keyboard. Normally the screen would be dark and I would anyway try fearing for the safety of my card because the machine would make sounds as if it were digesting it. Thanksfully it would spit it out and I'd scoot to the nearby HDFC or Axis Bank ATMs to save me.

Union Bank ATM

After Union Bank took over the ATMs still remain the same. Only now, if I transact with HDFC Bank or Axis Bank I get a warning from Union Bank about how I was better off dealing with the reluctant Union Bank ATMs. I don't even know which world these guys live in. My guess is probably Delhi.


So the other day I went to the ATMs near Vengal Rao Nagar (after some failed attempts at a nearby Axis bank ATM) and found three ATMs standing side by side like proud soldiers. Union Bank was first and I looked in and decided not to go in fearing infectious diseases, passed SBI for no reason but for this unhealthy fear of mine that if anything happens I will never be able to get anything transacted in SBI's massive offices and then stepped into my old employer IDBI Bank. Transaction smoothly done.


Stepped out. Saw warning message from Union Bank and took pic of all three ATMs. Here they are. Sorry Union Bank.    

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