Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Anjali - The Dog Will Come Somehow

 After years of discussions on dogs and protests and stuff Anjali seems to have reached a point where the dog is almost there. She has convinced me and Shobhs and right now we have a loose agreement that she will take care of the dog etc and we hope that it is as simple as that. This summer was when the dog was to make its entry and the only thing that prevented it from coming was our impending trip to Pune in May.

'So when is it coming?' I asked on our walk the other day.

She laughed and said. 'You know nanna, this time I feel it will come on its own. Now that we have made up our mind, it will come.'

Wow. That's some serious confidence in the universe. I think so too. Beautiful. The right dog will come at the right time.

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