Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Meethe Miya - Authentic Hyderabadi Desserts

 Vasu likes Phirni. So do I. So the last two times we went to Sarvi for a meal he asked the waiter for a Phirni. Both times it was a negative. This time however Vasu remembered that there was a new place called 'Meethe Miya' near Meridian School. So we headed off to find the place.

It was the quaintest of stores. Apparently has been around for three years. Specialises in authentic Hyderabadi desserts. From the royal kitchens of the Nizams it says. 

So we have Hyderabad Specials like Double ka Meetha, Qubani ka Meetha. Shahi Tukda. Seviyon ka Meetha, Sheer Khorma, Ande ke Lauz, Dum ka Puran, Qubani Triffle, Shahi Roll, Badam ki Ashrafi, Badam ki Jaali, Halwa Puri, Meetha Samosa, Bismillah Ka Laddu, Zarda, Gulgule Malida (the last three on order only). 

Then we have halwas like Gajar ka Halwa, Chane ka Halwa, Kaddu ka Halwa, Jauzi ka Halwa, Nariyal ka Halwa, Anjeer ka Halwa, Badam ka Kund, Piste ka Halwa, Miya's Special Halwa. 

Then the Kheers - Chawal ka Kheer, Gile-e-Firdaus, Phirni, Anjeer ka Kheer, Zafrani Kheer, Badam ki Kheer, Miya's Special Kheer, Rabdi like Malai Rabdi, Leechi Rabdi, Anjeer Rabdi, Seasonal Fruit Rabdi.

Vasu enjoying his Phirni

All of them mouthwatering. We ordered Phirni which was served in a clay bowl and thoroughly enjoyed eating. I have many plans for this place. 

The address is Meethe Miya, road no 9, Banjara Jills, Opp HDFC Bank, Lane Opp Meridian School. Ph 63092 63092. Pretty simple.

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