Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Some Interesting Sights on My Daily Walk

 My daily walk has now changed course - I take the tree-lined avenue that leads to AG Colony, it also has less traffic, go straight to Moti Nagar, turn left towards Vengal Rao Nagar, past this ground where a bunch of kids are doing some sporting activity, past the Saibaba temple which has some cows that are fed every day. I am quite impressed with the number of early walkers and runners, the bare chested runner who runs pretty fast, many younger ones who overtake me very easily, couples, ladies.

I saw one old car the other day in front of the temple. 

And was even more thrilled to see a Vijaya Dairy outlet which brought so many memories of our childhood. Vijaya was the state-owned brand of APDDC and the sole suppliers of branded milk - else go your local cow owner. Milk trucks would rumble in at 3 in the morning, colony elders on duty would receive, keep watch and distribute. Getting the milk card renewed was a big affair. For years we lived in that tyranny of state-owned monopoly and then one day we decided we can buy milk in any shop, any brand. freedom at last. But it always brings a tug at the heart, like the memory of the first girlfriend.

Vijaya Dairy Parlour

And then of course, the way the leaves fall - laying out a golden path, in the colony, on the road.

The shower of gold in our colony

Beautiful - a solitary leaf in the metro station

It's beautiful. I need to get some more pics.

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