Sunday, April 18, 2021

Anjali - Putting the Ego Aside and Applying the Four Agreements

 So Anjali and I went on our walk post-dinner as we do sometimes and I realise it's a great way to catch up. She spoke about this and that and said that she messaged a friend of hers who had not been in touch for a long time now.

'We were in touch over mail last October,' she said. 'And then he didn't reply to my last mail. I wondered if he was avoiding me. But the other day we were talking about 'having no assumptions' and you were teasing me about my ego, so I decided to keep it aside and mail him again. Guess what, he replied and apologised for not replying to my last mail. Realised that life is pretty simple if we keep our ego aside and not make assumptions.'

Wow, I am still struggling with that. Glad you could make progress Anjali.

'Wonderful,' I said and we did a high five. I did all I could to keep my mouth shut and not overdo or overspeak as we normally do. That she did it once and consciously is enough. She can always do it again when she wants to.

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