Thursday, April 29, 2021

Happy International Dance Day - Some Heartwarming Performances Shared by Students of UoH

I was surprised to see a message from Sharath, an old student of mine from the Department of Dance, the University of Hyderabad today (I teach a course called Art Management). Sharath is a serious thinker, a committed practitioner and one with varied talents. If I remember right he is also a trained physiotherapist apart from being a dedicated dancer. 'Happy World Dance Day sir,' said the message and with it was attached a short video clip of him dancing. It was so uplifting to watch his video that I shared it with my current students and asked them to share their videos to celebrate the day. Sravya and Praveena shared so far and it was so heartwarming to see them do something they loved so deeply and enjoying this refined art form they dedicated themselves to.

I checked in to find out more about International Dance Day. "In 1982 the Dance Committee of ITI founded International Dance Day to be celebrated every year on the 29th April, the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), creator of modern ballet. The intention of the International Dance Day Message is to celebrate dance, revel in the universality of this art form, cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers, and bring people together with a common language - dance." Wonderful.

I also read that every year a message from an outstanding choreographer or dancer is circulated throughout the world. This year it was given by Friedemann VOGEL, Ballet Dancer. The content is given from the link below.

Sharath's performance

Sravya's performance (extreme right)

Praveena's link

Gangadhar's link "Bho Shambho Shiva Shambho"

Wonderful watching isn't it? The last two years classes have been mostly online and I have not seen the students offline, especially the current year, and I am glad to watch their videos and share on the blog. I would love to watch the other students if they share their videos too.

Happy International Dance Day everyone. 

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