Monday, November 4, 2019

Sunday Cricket Lessons with Baig sir - Visualise and then the Body Responds

The effect of visualisation
Shreyans and Saiketh were bowling the new ball. I told them not to bowl without a plan - visualise the ball, the entire flight, pitching and then going off the wicket - and then try to execute that delivery. I could see that they both started bowling much better.

Often bowlers bowl without a clear plan in their head. But when they visualise the delivery off their hand and into the pitch and off it before they bowl the ball, they get a better result. I have experienced it and so I shared it with them.

It is almost as if the body tunes into the mind's visual and every cell aligns to make that happen. I guess that's what vision boards and goals do. Align all the cells into that direction.

I mentioned that to Baig sir. 'Sir, when they have a visual in their mind, they are delivering better.'

Pat came the answer - 'Yes, their body responds to that.'


Using Technology
At the same time I broached the idea of showing the trainees videos of them batting or bowling so they can see their mistakes and correct them. This is a tried and tested method. I explained to him the theory of Timothy Galloway and his approach of coachees coaching themselves by looking in the mirror (especially after they have learned the basics) and Elizabeth Newton's experiment of 'the Curse of Knowledge' - using tappers and listeners. Many times the trainees think they are doing it right - until they see themselves in action. 

He listened intently and told me that we should also use technology.

 How adaptable is that. How student-oriented. Brilliant.

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