Monday, November 4, 2019

Sunday Cricket Lessons with Baig Sir - They Don't Need to Know Everything

While watching Baig sir in action yesterday I could see how intensely he was putting Kartik through the drills.  I could see a marked improvement in Kartik's bowling. However as always, I noticed Baig sir speaking a minimum and letting Kartik bowl. A few balls, couple of corrections that's all.

It has always been like that with him. He will identify the mistake, pull the lad aside and make them do the drill first, then he corrects them, then he makes them practice with the ball in an empty net before coming back to the nets and bowling or batting. There will be a marked change after that small intervention.

'Why don't you tell them the theory behind it sir?' I asked him.
'They don't need to know everything,' said Baig sir. 'They will get confused. It's better we show them and make them practice experientially. If they come with some doubts after that we can explain.'

A huge difference from junior coaches or inexperienced coaches who say too many things, more to show off their knowledge than to make a positive difference. While at that they mess up the player's mind with too many theories that even they have not practiced.

The best teachers, show and make them experience it on their own. They do not tell.

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