Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Anjali - Interview at 11 and a Half

We fell out of the practice of interviewing. When I am in the mood, she is not. But we did manage to do half an interview. Looking back, it was still nice. I think we should continue even if I have to pay her for it.

Me: How's life at 11?
Anjali: Good.

Q. Do you feel any different?
Anjali: No. I mean you feel bigger. Elder. More different. A year older.
In a good way.

Your best experiences since 11?
Anjali: Kind of liked writing exams. All of them. Summer vacation in Pune. Satish mama's trip. He played with me a lot. And he is nice. Mummy's 50th birthday.

What did you like about it?
Anjali: Planning. And getting it all together.

What are the books you read this year? The books you liked?
Anjali: Harry Potter - read them all. Nancy Drew. Started 'Old man and the sea' Started a lot of books, didn't finish.

And movies that you liked?
Anjali: Alladin. Free Solo.

Anything new that you discovered this year?
Anjali: In class 6 friendship was not steady. This year its under control (we did the interview when she was half into 7th). Last year we lashed out at each other. This year we told each other - let's not fight again. I think I learned the importance of sharing how you feel with others.

Any big highlights of the year?
Anjali: Didn't like my birthday. Had more fun with my friends who came for the night out on October 1.

What are the things you learned to do?
Anjali: To be yourself. If you try to be someone else you keep pulling it. Lie. Lie. Lie.
Learned to iron clothes. Cook omelettes. Cook rice.
Importance of routine. I learned not to be lazy about homework. It's helping me - my homework. I'm happy with it.

What are the plans for next year?
Anjali: Don't know. Do what I want to do. Good to do. Make plans on the way.
Maybe I want to go to Bangalore. I want to make a cycling route. Eat healthy, more vegetables. Get more routines - yoga. Meet Pooja. Spend more time with my cousins. Now I fit in, I can talk to them.

Most enjoyable and fun moment?
Anjali: Yesterday all cousins (she, Vajra, Chimu and Shrinjay) were sitting at the table and spoke freely. We haven't done that.
I felt like I fit in. Felt younger earlier. Now I feel like I fit in more.

New music that you liked?
Anjali: Disney music. Kim Possible movies. Psych. Shout by Tears for Fears. It's so funny in the Psych episode.

What about Mom and Dad?
Anjali: They are very patient people. Because I'm very irritating sometimes.
They are kind. Everyone likes them.

Ok, give two pluses and 1 negative about them?
Anjali: Mamma cares about people a lot. Gives space. She knows when I want her to be with me.
The area to improve - Gets upset when I speak up sometimes.

Nanna listens to me, to my complaints. Very kind. Everyone really likes him. He doesn't know that.
Anjali: Area to improve - Not squash me when he hugs me.

What do you think of yourself?
Anjali: I think I am very nice. I haven't thought of that. Not taking things as lightly as before. Small things.
Mom tells me only two times, not 10 times.
Sleeping early, getting up early. Not making excuses anymore. I am more disciplined. I care for people.
On the areas to improve, I want to increase my height.
Last year I was moody. This year less of me, me. Not as much need for attention. Realised a few things like I am not talking etc.

Anjali decided to interview me
A. How do you feel at 52?
Me. I don't feel old. I look at life with wonder. Every day is different. I am going day by day.

A. Top 3 books?
Me. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Measure what matters, How to become a Buddha in 5 weeks.
(I was checking my blog for the books I read this year and she complains -Injustice, he looks at lists!)

A. Best moment this year?
Me. Mamma's birthday. The surprise, the execution, the people, the warmth. Best moment in a long long time.

A. Best moment with me?
Me. Us both going to WOFL to eat waffles and pancakes. Us both experimenting with cooking when Mamma is not there. Or watching movies or shows together.

A. Best moment in 52 years?
Me. When I first saw Anjali!

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