Friday, November 2, 2018

Thought for the Day - We Need to Move Forward to Find the Road Ahead

I was wondering the other day about how projects or money flow or life works. If we start with thinking about limited resources and limit our vision, we will be rooted here. Same with life. If we limit ourselves and stay in our comfort zone, we will be rooted here and miss out on a whole wide world.

The road does not end there! It goes to the rest of the world!
The example that came to my mind was this. If I see a winding road ahead of me and stay put because I cannot see ahead of the next curve, I am stuck here forever. I can very well say, I don't know what will happen, I don't know if there is a road ahead at all, so let me stay here.

But if I do find the curiosity to get to the next curve, the road opens to the next stretch of the road, and then when you go there, another stretch, until you find something far more beautiful.

The same thing with abundance or money flow (even in a project). You put up a little of your resources that will take you some part of the journey and when you travel there you find the next stretch of the road and move forward. The road will always open up if we dare to explore it to the corner we can see. If we stay rooted, it will remain just that, an unknown area that could have contained something beautiful.

Trust and faith will help to walk that length. Curiosity even. But mostly, non-attachment and adaptability to see what is found at the end of the road and wonder at it. If all we do is get disappointed that it's not as good, or only this much, we are better off here. The attitude of wonder at what we find at the next curve and to be truly ok with whatever comes up is the key to sustain that wonder.

For those who are worried if the next stretch will appear, it will, if we walk there.

 If we want to get the next breath of air, we must let go of the one we have.

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