Saturday, November 24, 2018

My Musical Notes 11 - Culture Club's Colour By Numbers

When I first saw Boy George I fell in love with him. Completely. He looked so delicate, so dainty. The only problem was that he was a boy. He looked better than most girls then and was better than most girls at acting like a girl.

Anyway that apart Boy George's Karma Chameleon completely took over with its new sound, his soothing voice and quirky videos. And the beautiful Boy George. I wonder if the way he looked was anything to do with it but I listened to Karma Chameleon a zillion times. Once again T series came to my rescue in the 1983-84 period and offered me ownership of my new found love's album 'Colour  by Numbers' (sold 16 mn copies) for a paltry sum of Rs. 20 I guess. I was always intrigued by what Karma Chameleon meant - both words seemed quite alien - and guess what it is about alienation. Boy says, 'be yourself else karma catches up with you and pays you back.'

It had another number called 'It's a miracle' which I faintly remember. The one other big hit was 'Do you really want to hurt me' (no Boy, I don't) which does not figure in this album. The rest of the album is generally okay but nothing to rave about. All the girls liked Boy George too. I distinctly remember Ajanta Sircar telling me later that when she went to study at the University of East Anglia she had seen Boy George perform in a small pub. I felt he had fallen into hard times and was broke - and felt for him. Today when I type Boy George's net worth it shows 37 million! All my sympathy for him wasted.

All in all, for sowing the seeds of love for a beautiful man (why wasn't he a girl?) and for Karma Chameleon and Do you really want to hurt me?', thanks Boy. )Though when I look at the video now I wonder why I found him so unbearably attractive.)

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