Wednesday, November 21, 2018

My Musical Notes 10 - The 28th Grammy Awards

Any collection like this would be priceless because you'd get the best songs of the year in one tape as against buy full albums so we would be looking out for them. Many of those tapes came from shady producers and this cassette was one such. Again this was circa 1984 when things were heady and all my money went into buying music.

But it has Jan Hammer (Miami Vice Theme), Huey Lewis and the News (Power of Love), Dire Straits (Money for Nothing), Commodores (Night Shift), We are the World, Jeff Beck (Escape), Phil,Collins (Sussuidio), Sade (Sweetest taboo), Don Henley (Boys of Summer, Aretha Franklin (Freeway of Love) and Tina Turner (One of the Living).

Commodores was the groupLionel Richie started off with. And Sade was one of those exotic singers - Enya, Tabita Tikaram and others fall into that category.

Great memories include listening to 'Money for Nothing' sung by Sunil of JNTU and the group Katalog at all student festivals including at Pot Pourri. Sunil was Ram's junior or classmate and would come home to stay some time. He was from Assam and sang Dire Straits beautifully. My favorite Phil Collins memory is of Prasanna who owned a cassette of the group and perhaps listening to it at the hostel. And the memory of the stylish 'Huey Lewis and the News' is from Subbu who was an early fan for some reason.

Commodores was a revelation and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the nifty 'Night Shift' and the exotic Sade's 'Sweetest Taboo'. The last two were very personal experiences.

Brings back memories of the day as freshly packaged as it happened then. Music I realised long ago has this time machine like quality and can transport you to the exact feeling, decades ago.

Also wonder, if music has been my greatest escape from reality this life.  

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