Monday, November 12, 2018

Durgam Cheruvu Park

Anjali got a free Shankar Mahadevan pass from Brighter Minds which helps children improve their mind skills. A team from Brighter Minds had visited their school and gave them all passes to a concert - they could invite parents and siblings and friends too. Since it was Shankar Mahadevan, and it was at the Gachibowli stadium and with so many free passes, it was bound to be crowded. Abhinay was her choice to make up the fourth member so he came home. It was Anjali's first concert experience so we went early at 4 pm as written in the pass. Lots of people came, we sat and waited till 530 and then Anjali who was a bit under the weather had had enough. 'Let's go,' she said and we headed back. I mentally promised myself a good concert experience with her later.
View of the lake as you enter the park (Pic courtesy - Anjali)
Abhinay was telling me about this Durgam Cheruvu Park which was being maintained by the Raheja's on a Public-Private Participation model. So we went there to see how it was.
A chess board, with moveable pieces
We entered from the road that goes up ti Inorbit from Durgam Cheruvu. 10 bucks for adults and 5 for kids.
The lovely exercise area - great fun
A nice walking path, cycling path, joggers path, some nice kids areas to play, a lovely idea of having several exercise equipment out there so people can exercise while engaging in fun.
Abhinay and Anjali trying out one exercise
The path goes along the lake shore.
Goes along the boundary - lake on the other side
There is a small space for DC Books (Durgam Cheuruvu, deciphered Anjali).
Another exercise machine
A little space next to the lake where you can sit and watch the lake or the sunset or Inorbit. In fact, they have little boards that say - 'You are on Lake Time - relax', or another one that says - 'Skip a stone, read a book, or something like that...'
Ah...look at the lake, at Inorbit!
Overall very promising and nice. Not fully ready yet but it's open. Definitely worth going.

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