Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Meeting of Old Pals!

I met Noel in 1982 at school. He was my junior. I met Vidyuth, Sanjay in 1982 when we played Under 15 together at Bangalore. I met Vekatapathi in the same year because we played against each other in a schools tournament (I regret playing a cut shot to him and getting out recklessly when I could have won the match in the Inter-schools tournament). I met Vivek in 1983 when he led an MCC side in some tournament and the handsome filmstar like skipper was our captain.
L-R - Vivek Jaisimha, Me, Noel David, Vidyuth Jiasimha, Sanjay (was his birthday) and Venkatapathi Raju
Vicky, Vidyuth, Sanjay, Venkat and I played for MCC in a groundbreaking season when we beat some big teams like Syndicate Bank, gave Andhra Bank and SBI proper scares. Seven of us made it to the Ranji probables that year - Vicky (who finally led that year), Venkat, Sanjay, me, Intiaz, Pavan, Sunil Phillips, Imtiaz. Of the lot Venkat played for India, Vicky played zone, Sunil Phillips, Pavan and I played for Hyderabad. Vidyuth played for Railways later.Sanjay played Under 15 and Under 19.

As a group though we have remained in touch and it was nice catching up for a couple of hours. We planned an MCC reunion soon. That would be nice.

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