Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thought for the Day - Gratitude Is the Doorway to Love

If life is to feel the immeasurable feeling of love - to love and to feel loved and to love all existence - then, surely gratitude is the doorway to love. One can love one thing, one person, one aspect, one feature with great passion but that may not quality as love as I understand it. It is perhaps only loving that part that you love - perhaps something one may aspire for or even want or like. It does not love that which you may not like, agree with - and that discrimination disqualifies that kind of a love from what one looks for when one is searching for that love that brings peace and joy and a calm and not anger, frustration and resentment.

It is then the love that loves each part as it is - the good and the bad and the ugly. Each part brings something new, something to wonder at, and mostly something to accept in ourselves. Once we see that, it is possible to love, to be patient with all around us including those who are messing up with what we cherish. To attain that state is to be in a good place. To love all parts of ourselves then is to love all parts in others.

The gateway to that state is certainly, I am convinced, gratitude. To be grateful to what we have, this life, this comfort, this capability, this access, this health, this love, this moment...suddenly makes us realise how connected we are to all of life. It makes us aware how we are really nothing without any of the things outside of us. How the outside makes us, completely, and how we make ourselves react with gratitude to the outside and make what we can to make the outside a more peaceful, loving place is our story perhaps.

And the doorway to that is to be grateful to all that is in our life directly, all that is behind that sustains our life indirectly, to all that gives us joy and all that grows us by throwing challenges at us. To be grateful for the good, the bad, the thought, the word, the deed, the gesture, the is that feeling that must certainly lead to that place that is filled  with love.

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