Thursday, November 2, 2017

Anjali - That's A Very Good Panel

I don't know when I filed this away in the drafts section but I do know what me want to write about it. I was telling Anjali that the panel for the Mumbai event was sort of finalised.
'It's going to be Sonali Kulkarni, Suhita Atya, Tarun Chauhan and me,' I said. 'What do you think?'
Pat came the answer.
'That's a very good panel,' she said with complete confidence.
Full support
Ah, I don't know what she understands of the panels but I do know what it makes me feel when I hear something like that so confidently said, backing me up.
I did feel like it was a very good panel and all other thoughts about the panel went out of the window. Thank you Anjali.

If the decision is made, and you have nothing concrete to offer, simply give them confidence by backing their decision fully. That's all they need. Our support.

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