Friday, November 24, 2017

Things to Watch For - How I Lost It For a Moment

Story 1 - Today
I was driving Anjali to school. At Srinivasa Nagar I saw one lady who was trying to cross the road on her bike. She had got into an awkward position and I stopped to let her pass. There was loud honking behind me and in my rear view mirror I saw a youngster, perhaps thirty years old, urging me on impatiently.

In all likelihood he could not see her and once she passed, I let him go on. He passed me and I thought that was it until I suddenly realised he was cutting into my path, letting me know that he did not appreciate my stopping ahead of him. I have seen many people do that, and I do that back to them, but this time, it needed a sharp cut to avoid a collision.

In that one moment, I lost it. The fact that this guy almost put me in danger just because he could not see why I stopped, blew my fuse.

I hit the accelerator and tried to overtake him. He weaved to cut me off again. This way and that. I have to give it to him, he was good with his car and did not let me sneak past him. The madness lasted ten seconds and luckily I had to go right and he, straight. Even more luckily he had a green light and I had a red. I don't know what would have happened if it were both red.

'Why are you driving like this Nanna?' asked Anjali, oblivious to the dynamics outside.

I felt ashamed. At losing it. At putting myself and many others in danger just because I lost it. I could have let him go. He made a mistake, fine. We were still ok. Until I started my revenge story and the big desire to prove myself right. And him wrong.

It would have been so pointless if something had happened.

Never again, I vowed, will I get drawn into these one-upmanship fights on the road. I will step back even if it is not my mistake. The road is no place to do these stunts. I was also very ashamed at the way rage coursed through me.

Meanwhile I am thankful to the young man in the car for giving me this experience and cautioning me for the rest of my life about this kind of behavior and its possible repercussions.

Story 2 - Last Month
We were waiting at the Tibetan clinic. I was only the driver and Ranjan went in and found out when the doctor was expected. Some six or seven people were waiting before us including two elderly ladies. It appeared that they were waiting outside because they were cleaning the waiting room. Since the room was ready we walked in. The lady at the reception took our details. Meanwhile the others came in.

The ladies protested. 'We came much before they did. We have been waiting here since 8'O clock,' she complained. The receptionist lied and told her that we had come the day before also. All these things were going on before my eyes.

All I needed to do was to step in and tell the ladies that they could go first. That everyone could go in the order they had come. We were in no hurry. But I let the receptionist take the call. After much argument and heartburn we finally went in - in the correct order.

I wonder why I did not speak up.

Anyway, reminds me to speak up next time and assure them that all will happen in a just and fair manner. It nags my mind.

Once again, thanks to the two elderly ladies I am now aware of what has to be done next time. No more. 

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