Thursday, November 23, 2017

Anjali - Too Much Stuff, I Want to Give It Away

One evening while talking about this and that, Anjali suddenly said 'I have too many things Nanna. I keep asking for stuff and people keep giving me. I have so many things and then lots of people don't have many things. I feel bad.'
She was silent.

I kept quiet.

'I asked Satish mama for pens and he gave me so many pens that I will never be able to use them all. I feel bad.'

'Do you want to give them away?' I asked. 'You could. Someone else could use them you know.'

'Hmmm,' she said. 'I think I will do that. I will give away pens to my class mates first.'

So she took 23 pens and gave them away to her class mates.

'We have too much stuff that we don't need Nanna,' she said next. 'Let's give it away.'

'Sure,' I said.

It's true we have stuff we don't need. We could give it away. Now to find that stuff.

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